Pummelling the New Year

You’re meant to set a precedent for the new year, so here I am writing as the first thing I do. Due to the fact I genuinely am writing off the top of my head for the purpose of giving myself a ‘brand new year’ word-count, this is obviously going to be a bit messy.

So what is routine now for the new year? Has anything changed at all? I saw much fewer new year’s resolutions in my news feed this time around, have they gone out of fashion? I got the feeling  2013 was so all-round terrible for a lot of people that it was more productive to say goodbye to it and stubbornly cling to the idea that 2014 would be knocked about like dough, pummelled and twisted around, rolled out, punched through, and turned into delicious and auspicious cookies. I was one of those people for the most part, especially since I love cookies.


I called in the new year with my wife then finally watched “Dredd”. So basically I marked the first few hours of the new year with love and violence. Paradox has always been a love of mine, much as breathing has been. I don’t seem to be able to escape it and I don’t really mind that. My whole life has been making order from chaos and being confused that those around me aren’t able to just slip themselves into the hand of cards I’m shuffling and wait for me to inevitably deal them out to a perfect hand. Near perfect; I keep flipping over the Joker.

I still am waking up, so trying to think of a decent conclusion to this ramble is escaping me. I will, however, wish you all a happy new year, a shortened hangover if you’re suffering one and at least a couple of signs that maybe, just maybe, this year will be OK. Or a sign within yourself that you’ll have the strength to bend the year to your will, mix it with water and sugar, throw it in the fridge, and then eat it later with a spoon and some ice-cream like some sort of strawberry 2014 jelly. 

I think I need cookies, jelly and ice-cream.

Not till after my stint on the exercise bike though – have to set a precedent, you know.