I’ve finally taken a break to relax with my wife. We’ve gone to a place called Wirrina Cove that’s near Normanville and an amazing beach. We spent a few hours today sitting near the beach just relaxing and I managed to get in a two hour nap when we got back to our room here.

This isn’t an exciting or interesting blog entry I realise, but I’m pretty happy.

I’ve also taken advantage of the rest time to play some old (very old) computer games I’ve been meaning to play for decades. One of them is called “Alter Ego” and involves you making decisions about your personality and reactions to certain situations from infancy all the way through to old age and death. It’s amazing how much detail it gets into. I tried to be honest, but also kind of a deviant. It’s making me an interesting mix as the game goes on.

I’ve been having some crazy dreams while we’ve been here as well. I’ve welcomed them because I haven’t had dreams I remembered for months now. The main one involved giant metal cubes of testing rooms and a guy called “Mr Bubbles” who joined a band. He was so happy when he was asked he looked like he’d won the lottery. I might have to throw him in a story. With a unicycle.

Just finished “Alter Ego”. I died playing softball. At the time, I was ‘going steady’ with a woman, was still studying and worked ‘building my career’. I think I was happy though.


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