Write every day. Apparently.

You may have been wondering after my last entry, “What the heck happened to Panos? He used to be funny and actually edit his posts!”

Well, I’ve decided I have to force myself to write every day to keep improving my craft. While ideally I should be sitting down and working on novels and short stories and Pulitzer-winning articles (that’s a thing, right?) realistically on some days I just can’t summon the creativity. Those are the days I’ll be turning to this blog.

Well, those days and also the days around them. You see, I’m quite rusty with writing at the moment. My brain is creaking every time I fire up the ol’ synapses. This blog is my opportunity to oil the gears, tie the shoelaces and pat the rump of the stallion that is my thinking process. It also gives me the opportunity to mangle similes so they’re unrecognisable aside from their dental records.

I mentioned a “Mr Bubbles” when I wrote last night. It was actually meant to be “Dr Bubbles”. He doesn’t have an actual Phd as of yet but he hopes to get his Doctorate of Life Satisfaction at some point in the future. If I don’t do a ‘rocks fall, everyone dies’ situation on the story anyway.

My eyes are stinging from spraying myself in the face with sunscreen. You’d think I’d assume that spraying myself in the face with anything would be a bad idea but at the time I was worried about my eyelids getting sunburnt. Also, I felt drastic measures were needed to cover the surface area of my nose. The time I spent at the beach was fantastic though, even when I looked down and noticed the shore was trying to slowly bury me as the ocean lapped at my feet.

I’d better get to some ‘real’ writing. Maybe I’ll even continue my “New and Improved” draft of the Minkah novel. This time with extra love interests! And a selfish protagonist. I miss my cat, he’s at home while we’re on holiday. I like to think he’s extremely upset about the whole situation and is refusing affection from our house-sitters. You go, Minkah. Spurn the people-who-aren’t-Panos.


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