Sleep and other myths

After spending the last three hours trying to fix a stubborn laptop and failing miserably, I finally decided to give up until tomorrow so I can actually sleep before a “Go to sleep, idiot” headache descends upon me. Then I remembered that I absolutely had to write something before I could let that happen. So here I am, desperately trying to outrun the headache I can feel galloping down the hill that is my cerebral cortex.

Tonight I finished listening to the podcast “Serial” with Margie (my ever-suffering partner). What an incredibly interesting show; though the host seems a little nasty towards the accused. I do think that she needed to present a certain side of things for the sake of story telling and excitement for the listening public though. I also know now that if I ever end up in jail, try to become the cook. And make awesome omelettes for my breakfast club. Oh wait, they call themselves “the breakfast club”? I guess prison is just an extended version of detention, really. I’m sure if he’s ever released he’ll fist pump the sky and “Don’t You Forget About Me” will pump over the PA system in his honour. Considering this podcast has made history I doubt anyone will forget him.

We returned from our holiday this afternoon to discover our cat in shock that we weren’t dead. He leaped onto my lap, cried indignantly, then pushed his head up onto my face repeatedly like some sort of retribution for scaring him. I think he’s still terrified we’ll abandon him after the whole episode where we accidentally locked him out and he got lost for a few weeks. Even though that was almost five years ago now.

But hey, if it wasn’t for his disappearing act and his ridiculous amount of affection for me/sookiness I never would have written my book about it. It actually feels pretty good to have three completed manuscripts. I just wish I had some sort of sponsorship so I didn’t have to work close to full time while I’m revising them. Maybe I should dance wherever I go and if someone stops me and says “Hey, cool dancing” I’ll inform them I accept paypal and credit cards if they want to leave a tip, and produce my swiper.

I’m not sure about going to NY next year anymore. It’d be an amazing networking thing but I half feel like I need to work even more on my books. Once I’ve finished the revision for the Minkah novel maybe I’ll be ready, but not before. I might start focussing on some of my short stories for revision and fleshing out too. Especially my ‘three sisters’ story. I think next year everything will come up Panos.

Another piece of exciting news: David Lynch coming to Australia! I’ve already gotten my tickets for his talk, and it sold out within about 7 minutes. So happy…


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