Phone blogging!

I didn’t think it would come to this but I’m writing this entry on my phone. I’m in bed already and my laptop is all the way in the other room so I’m going to put up with predictive text for this entry.
My band played a gig tonight. Well,  the band I play drums in played a gig. I think I hit the drums hard enough that most people didn’t notice the little mistakes I was making. I try to beat those drums like I hate them more than anything in the world. I mean,  it works for Dave Grohl.

At some point during the gig an eccentric old man turned up. Now,  when I say eccentric I mean really eccentric. He was wearing striped pants and a different coloured suit jacket and a gold chain and a dapper hat. Also, when I say old I mean in his 70s at least. He suddenly sailed into the most pit and started dancing like he’d stumbled upon a Sinatra retrospective. Watching him shimmy across the floor during a particularly heavy part of my friend’s show was the highlight of my night.

I just realised I actually get to sleep in tomorrow with nothing I have to do! This is a first outside of the holiday we took. Today I went to four jobs though they were pretty easy. Yep, I’m drifting into tedious details,  I think it’s time to wrap this up. Till tomorrow!


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